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    This is the right hub to know what waiting for you in next 5 years and we do analyze the business and make growing plan and this has been working over the years. we Planing for Outsourcing company, tech company, broker, call centers etc. we do love to make sure the business growth with o r brilliant t employee who has more than 5 years experienced in the relevant area!

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    3D metal print

    While 3D printing has existed for decades, it remains largely within the reach of fans and designers who produce unique prototypes. And printing objects with more than plastic, especially metal, was expensive and tediously slow.

    Artificial embryos

    In a breakthrough that redefines life, embryologists working at Cambridge University in the UK have developed realistic mouse embryos that use only stem cells. No egg No sperm Only cells extracted from another embryo.

    Sensitive city

    Many smart city projects have been delayed, set ambitious goals or excluded all but the most talented. A new project in Toronto called Quayside hopes to change that trend by re-thinking a neighborhood and rebuilding it around the latest digital technologies.

    Duel of neural networks

    Artificial intelligence becomes very effective in identifying things: show her a million photos, and she can tell you with astonishing precision that it is a pedestrian crossing a road. But AI has no hope of producing pictures of pedestrians. If I could, I would be able to create many realistic but synthetic images depicting pedestrians in different scenarios, a car without a driver who is able to train without having to go out on the street.

    Babel fish helmet

    In the science fiction classic "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", you slide a yellow bass fish into your ear to translate it into a bolt of lightning. In the real world, Google has found a temporary solution: a pair of 159 headphones, called pixel buds. They work with their Pixel smartphones and the Google Translate app to create near real-time translations.



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